Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barack Obama and the Muslim Smear Campaign

Naomi Klein of The Nation magazine has written a very good article on the failure of Barack Obama to clearly state that while he is not Muslim, nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with being muslim or with Islam. Mr. Obama has been very eloquent on the issue of racism, but he has referred to the swift-boating, rumor-mongering concerning his 'alleged' secret Muslim-ness as a smear campaign. If people were alluding to him as being a secret Christian or as being a secret member of the Jewish faith or any other faith, would he also refer to these attributions as smear campaigns and would the general public let such comments just go silently into the night?

It is notable that neither John McCain nor Hilary Clinton offered any corrective to this issue.

At the very worst, it would appear that religious bigotry is alive and well among all three candidates running for president. At the very least, all three presidential candidates ought to take an introductory course in cultural diversity.

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