Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery

Recently, my account was purged from the Facebook platform. As if moderating some sort of Kafkaesque reality show, and despite having asked them several times for an explanation, no one from Facebook will explain to me what aspect of its community guidelines I, supposedly, have violated or the nature of the existential standards against which I, supposedly, have transgressed.

The absence of a response raises the possibility that no one at Facebook will respond to my overtures because such individuals, or their handlers, know that what they are doing and have done in the purging affair cannot be defended with actual evidence and rational argument but must stay in the shadows of mere allusions concerning the possibility of guilt without having to bother with any sort of due process through which such Facebook employees could demonstrate to me and others that what has occurred in conjunction with the purged accounts is justified. I believe the evidence shows that what has transpired is nothing more than a abuse of corporate, technocratic power that is seeking to transform society in its own ideological image.

Indeed, as the following video demonstrates, I am not guilty of anything except being a person toward whom one or more individuals at Facebook has taken an irrational, biased, ideologically-driven, and anti-humanitarian dislike and, in the process has committed a variety of offenses against me … including elderly abuse as well as attempting to deny me a number of first amendment rights -- not just with respect to what is, or is not, taking place in conjunction with the Facebook platform, but, in addition, with respect to what is taking place beyond Facebook's borders as well, as the company also seeks to have a say in what takes place outside of Facebook.

In response to the bullying tactics employed by someone at Facebook, I have made an hour and 46 minute documentary that provides an overview of, and critical reflection concerning, "The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery". Below are links to a page that will provide people who are interested a free viewing of the documentary:

(1) The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery
(2) The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery (Mirror Site #1)
(3) The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery (Mirror Site #2)

By eliminating alternative perspectives, Facebook appears to be trying to force its members to accept various ideologically constructed filters and lenses through which the company wishes unsuspecting individuals to engage and interpret reality, and in the process the corporation becomes an active purveyor of a form of Orwellian Newspeak and Thoughtcrime that helps create conditions that are conducive to the growth of fake news, false information, and social -- if not political and ideological --  control.

Presently, I -- along with 800 other accounts and individuals -- have been disappeared. Tomorrow, some anonymous power-hungry and self-serving narcisstic technocrat at Facebook might very well be coming for you.

Therefore, I do believe that what has happened to me does have relevance to whomever reads this blog entry. As a result, I hope you will set aside the roughly two hours that will be required to view "The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery" documentary and begin to think creatively and constructively about what can be done to stem the tide of the on-going corporate, technocratic attempt to undermine and gain control over inalienable human sovereignty.