Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Dinner With Andre

'My Dinner With Andre' (see the 5 minute clip through the link below, written by, and stars, Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn and was directed by Louis Malle) is one of my favorite movies of all time. More than thirty years have passed since that film first began to be distributed (1981), and, yet, despite the fact that the film displayed a brilliant, insightful, witty, sobering, thoughtful, analysis of the problems facing humanity, one hardly hears about the movie anymore or meets anyone who has seen it ... I guess there was not enough sexual, violent, and/or x-rated content to make it memorable. 

The truth of the matter is that the aforementioned film puts to shame all the modern-day pretenders who believe that one must have sex, violence, and x-rated language in a movie in order for it to be considered as capable of offering intelligent reflections upon the nature of reality or of providing a cogent, mesmerizing, viable, artistic point of view. In fact, the film puts to shame much that Hollywood has had to offer in the last three decades as far as distributing the sort of material is concerned which is directed toward helping people to wake up from the nightmare that has been haunting humanity for quite some time. And, yet, we continue to sleep while the clock is ticking toward a midnight bewitching hour when the room of existence will be swept clean of wasted opportunities.

The film approaches an astonishing array of issues from a rather universal perspective ... one which is capable of addressing the vast majority of human beings irrespective of their religious, ideological, or humanistic inclinations. In its own way, the movie is quite spiritual in character.

Some aspects of the film might be a little dated and somewhat whimsical, but, on the whole, the movie encompasses a diverse set of ideas which are still well worth reflecting upon. The following excerpt is only 5 minutes, or so, long. I hope -- if you view it -- you will be motivated to make the effort to find your way to experiencing the rest of the film which, I believe, is just as captivating as this 5 minute excerpt is. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dumbing Us Down: The Attempt to Exterminate Critical Thinking

The six functions of education (both public and private) are: (1) Adjusting; (2) Diagnosing; (3) Sorting; (4) Conforming/Unifying (5) Tagging; and (6) Preserving/Perpetuating. These functions are obsessively and compulsively pursued by a set of "overlords and overladies" in order to establish and realize a means of imposing a process of framing and filtering reality upon a population.

The first paragraph is not a conspiracy theory since I am not necessarily contending that a group of people gather together in secret in order to bring about the instituting of such a set of functions. Rather, I am suggesting that there are a group of people who are so enamored with themselves that they each individually, and in their own inimitable style, develop a delusional disorder which whispers to their egos that they have the right to control and rule over the lives of other people, irrespective of what the costs of such control might be to society or the world in general.

The foregoing process of six functions is instituted as a means of: dumbing that population down, controlling them, and perpetuating an arbitrary, and rigged system of: militarization, economics, monetary policy, legal process, politics, together with a system of policing (which is not intended to 'serve and protect' the people, but, rather, the elite). Moreover, the purpose of such a system of dumbing people down is  to ensure that the few (the overlords and overladies of control ... i.e., the aforementioned elites) may benefit materially, financially, and through a progressively enhanced accruing of power (the Anaconda Principle), while the many are educated and trained to serve and worship the likes and dislikes of that elite. The foregoing is true of all religious (including Muslim), communist, socialist, capitalist, democratic, and monarchical nations.

I have gone through the educational offerings of some of the best institutions in the world, both in the United States and Canada. Whatever I have learned that is of value to me either has to do with: (a) coming to understand the nefarious purposes of such institutions, despite their best efforts to induce me to become caught up in their illusory and delusional practices of conceptual/emotional legerdemain, and/or (b) realizing that pretty much everything of substantive worth which I have learned has been accomplished independently of the official channels of educational practice.

Education has become just another psychoactive pharmaceutical that is heavily marketed through the media. The media (for a price and because they believe they have the right to control the dissemination of information which serves their own interests) helps to manufacture an array of fears and aspirations in the general population. This is done so that significant portion of the general populus might become hooked on an expensive snake-oil which people are encouraged to consume for the rest of their lives, despite the many destructive side-effects entailed by that potion (one of which is the dampening down of critical thinking), and despite the fact that those who drink the Kool-Aid will become so financially over-burdened with the cost of purchasing the drug that they can exist only as indentured servants who will be compliant with the agenda of the psychopathic/narcissistic push and manufacturers of that drug who, like the loan sharks they are, hold the papers of debt over the heads of those who were tricked into acquiescing to such a scam ... much like the liar-loans that were foisted on unsuspecting people leading up to the financial meltdown of 2007-2008.

The following 7-plus minute video is an animated commentary by a former New York teacher of the year -- John Gatto -- who has come to realize the nature of the former beast he served and who, as a result, wishes to share with you some of what he has learned about that hydra-like creature.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fracking the Atmosphere: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

I began hearing about chemtrails a number of years ago (chemtrails are toxic-laden aerosol sprays released by high-altitude airplanes and these sprays are not to be confused with the water vapor-based contrails produced by jet engines). However, I always associated chemtrails with something that seemed to be happening only in the western part of America (e.g., California, Arizona, and so on).
Last summer and fall, I began to see the chemtrail grid and ‘X’-patterns being laid down by airplanes in the skies over Bangor/north central Maine. On one occasion, I saw six or seven high-flying aircraft involved in one day’s operation.
Chemtrails are an expression of geo-engineering. In fact, one might refer to it as the ‘fracking of the atmosphere’ – not only because, like ground-fracking, the process injects all manner of toxic chemicals into the environment (in the case of chemtrails, these include: barium, arsenic, aluminum, silica, polymer fibers, and boron), but, because, as well, the chemtrail process is connected with the release of methane gas.
In the case of the kind of fracking which takes place in conjunction with the ground (e.g., the Marcellus Shale of the eastern United States ), various greedy, self-absorbed, and reckless energy entrepreneurs are interested in retrieving the methane as a profitable by-product which just happens to be accompanied by an intense polluting of the ground water. As such, fracking is a bit of technological wizardry that injects about 43 different toxic chemicals into the Earth (exactly how many of these sorts of molecules are involved is hard to say because the precise identity of the ingredients of the poisoning process is considered to be proprietary, corporate information).
Fracking of the atmosphere, on the other hand, is due to a secret, government-mandated spraying program (a secret which is imminently viewable in the skies above us ... only the steps which led to the spraying decision are hidden from public view). This process of air-fracking is speeding up the release -- into the oceans and atmosphere -- of a gasified form of the methane hydrate deposits that have been laying at the bottom of the ocean (where they had been resting in frozen form)  ... furthermore, in one form or another, the air-fracking work is probably being contracted out to private entities who, like their Earth-fracking corporate counterparts and the government which authorized them, don’t really seem to care what happens to people or the environment as long as such activities generate a profit and keep them in control of the profit franchise).
Supposedly, one of the theories underlying the application of geo-engineered chemtrails to the skies above is the belief that chemtrails are capable of degrading – into a less harmful form -- the rising levels of methane which, currently (and for number of years now) are being (and have been) released into the seas and atmosphere at an alarming rate. One of the geographical areas of concern with respect to the release – into the oceans and atmosphere -- of gaseous forms of once-frozen methane hydrates is situated near the eastern Siberian shelf of the Arctic. That reservoir contains enough frozen methane (estimated by some to be about 10 thousand giga-tons) that should it be released in gasified form (or, if even a sizable portion of it were so released), then this event would be capable of extinguishing most life on Earth.
Another geographical region of concern is the Bermuda Triangle. More specifically, it is quite possible – perhaps fairly likely -- that sudden transformations of frozen methane to a gaseous state -- and not aliens or other paranormal phenomena -- are responsible for some of the anomalies (such as sea-fairing ships suddenly disappearing) which have been reported in that region.  The gas aerates the water and, as a result, ships lose buoyancy and sink to the bottom, and, as well, if methane were suddenly released in sufficiently large quantities and under the right conditions, airplanes flying through the region might be problematically affected as well.
Unfortunately, as is the case with respect to the genetically modified life form controversy, some geo-engineering scientists don’t appear to understand the nature of the dynamics involving problematic feedback-loops which they have introduced into the ecological equations of life through the use of chemtrails and HAARP. Rather than constructively degrading methane and, thereby solving a problem, there is considerable evidence to indicate that chemtrails could be one of the primary causes (although not necessarily the only one) for assisting frozen methane hydrate deposits on the bottom of the ocean to become released, in gasified form, into the oceans and the atmosphere.
In other words, chemtrail spraying is having exactly the opposite effect from the one which, purportedly, was intended when that geo-engvineering program began. Moreover, unfortunately, instead of backing off from the chemtrail spraying (as any reasonable, observant, and moderately cautious scientist might do), the government is, instead, doubling down – apparently believing that if a certain amount of chemtrail spraying is causing considerable difficulties, then increasing the dosage will, somehow, magically, solve the problems which have been created by that very same process.
As a greenhouse gas, methane is many times more problematic than is carbon dioxide. When considered across the time-frame of, say, a century, methane has 20 times the capacity of carbon dioxide to generate greenhouse gas effects (i.e., global warming/climate change), but when considered over the much shorter time scale during which geo-engineering projects, of one kind or another, have been taking place, methane’s potency as a greenhouse gas (relative to carbon dioxide) rises five-fold to, about, 100 times.
When one factors-in the chemtrail effects with the problematic manner in which HAARP (the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program -- located in the Gakona region of Alaska) is affecting both the atmosphere and the Earth, one might well be generating the conditions for environmental catastrophe.  In addition, to add insult to injury, there is one group of scientists that has proposed a plan for using the HAARP facilities in different localities around the Earth (the United States is not the only country that possesses such instruments of mass destruction) to extensively zap the ionosphere in a last-ditch, desperate, frenzied attempt to set in motion a process that, allegedly, will degrade the rising levels of methane in the atmosphere ... when all such a proposal is likely to do is further destabilize the atmosphere in a problematic fashion.
In combination, the two aforementioned government-designed programs (along with their counterparts in other countries) are adversely affecting the environment – not just locally, but world-wide. More specifically, ocean currents are being adversely affected -- e.g., warm, ocean currents that used to run southward have had their courses altered by geo-engineering processes (HAARP interferes with atmospheric currents which, in turn, affect ocean currents) and, now, warm waters are flowing into the Artic regions and, among other things, thawing frozen methane deposits.  
Moreover, recently, during the ‘melt season’, the Arctic Ice Cap has been losing about 100,000 square kilometers of ice surface per day. Near the end of the ‘melt season’ the loss of ice surface per day approached 130,000 square kilometers. If this rate of decline in ice surface continues, the Arctic Ice Cap could be completely devastated in a matter of years, not decades or centuries.
As the ice surface of the Arctic disappears, an increasing amount of the Sun’s thermal energy will be absorbed by the ocean.  Among other things, this means that the frozen methane hydrates on the bottom of the Arctic Sea will thaw at an increasingly rapid rate and, in the process, release substantial quantities of gaseous methane into the ocean and the atmosphere ... all thanks to the hard work of geo-engineering where progress means business.
Furthermore, the ozone layer also is being adversely affected by chemtrail sprays – e.g., the degradation of this portion of the atmosphere has been tied to the particulate matter contained in the chemtrail sprays, and not just as a result of the presence of CFCs – that is, chlorofluorocarbons. Such chemtrail-induced degradation of the ozone layer is a further reason why frozen methane deposits are thawing and escaping in gaseous form into the ocean and the atmosphere since more of the Sun’s thermal energy will be entering the atmosphere rather than being intercepted by an intact, functional ozone layer.
Besides the aforementioned problems concerning ocean currents and the ozone layer that are a function of geo-engineering activities such as chemtrail spraying, there are also additional problems.  For instance, the acidity of oceans is rising as a result of the way in which methane in a gaseous form is being released due to a thawing oif the methane hydrate deposits and which are entering into solution in the ocean water. In addition, the jet stream is being experimented with courtesy of the geo-engineering effects of HAARP, and this affects both ocean currents and weather patterns.
The boreal forests -- thanks, in part, to the role of geo-engineering projects such as chemtrail spraying – also are dying. Boreal forests are comprised of northern latitude forests covering portions of Siberia as well as the Pacific Northwest, especially Canada.
These forests constitute a significant part of the ‘lung-like’ system of the planet as far as the manner in which forests breathe in carbon dioxide  and, then, breathe oxygen back out into the atmosphere is concerned. As they are dying, the boreal forests are becoming less and less a sink for various forms of carbon that are in the atmosphere, and, instead, they are becoming an increasing source of carbon dioxide generation as the forests decay and the carbon that had been trapped within life is released upon death.
 Finally, overall climate patterns are being destructively disrupted and affected by the activities of geo-engineering. Apropos of this situation, Mark Twain is reported to have said: “The trouble with the world is not that people know too little; it's that they know so many things that just aren't so”. Indeed, the fact-challenged processes of geo-engineering that are being employed by the government and its corporate allies are touted – if only to themselves -- as incorporating deep insights concerning reality, when, in truth, they only give expression to a profound ignorance concerning the ecological dynamics of nature.
If the foregoing possibilities are not enough to strip the varnish from one’s hopes concerning the future, there also seems to be a form of ice nucleation – chemically induced ice/snow-formation – which is occurring in relation to many forms of precipitation and, as a result, constitutes another kind of fallout from the spraying of chemtrails. Ice and snow are forming under conditions where, except for the presence of the nucleation process, it might not be happening (e.g., too warm), and, as well, the ice formed from this process stays longer -- even after temperatures have risen above freezing -- than if the underlying chemicals responsible for the phenomenon had not been present.
The chemicals involved in the foregoing process are unknown – except to the perpetrators. More importantly, the kind of impact that such chemicals are having on the environment is also unknown.
Under such circumstances of uncertainty,   wisdom would warrant pursuing the Precautionary Principle ... a course of action which calls for rigorous, critical reflection and additional empirical data before making the kind of weighty decision that could affect all life on Earth.   Unfortunately, the perpetrators of chemtrails and HAARP appear to be operating in accordance with the Arrogance Principle or the Indifference Principle which such individuals seem to believe justifies enacting whatever delusions happen to bubble to the surface of their consciousness ... and, in the process, drag everyone else along on a potentially hazardous, if not fatal, journey irrespective of whether, or not, the rest of us wish to be dragged along on such a reckless, ill-conceived, irresponsible delinquent joy ride.
Unless government-sanctioned geo-engineering scientists stop spraying the chemtrails and using HAARP to interfere with the natural order of things, the Earth, and its many species, may soon be placed on code blue ... if this is not already the case. The oceans, the atmosphere, ground water, the jet stream, the ozone layer, and millions of species are all being subject to the process of government-encouraged air and ground fracking with demonstrable catastrophic results
For example, there are estimates from some researchers that as many as 100-250 species of life-forms (including insects, plants, birds, and mammals) might be disappearing from the Earth every day as a direct, and indirect, result of the methane release issue (along with the effect of the HAARP emanations). If this is true (and, certainly, more research must be done to verify that such estimates are reliable ... even though we might be running out of time needed to be able to carry out such research), then one could be witnessing the greatest mass-extinction set of events since the dinosaurs were forced to leave the building approximately 65 million years ago.
Moreover, if the foregoing estimates are correct – and the operative word is “if” – then, perhaps, somewhere among the upcoming attractions involving the ‘Chemtrail Horror Picture Show’ (the accompanying music is available for download through your favorite internet distributor) could be the extinction of such mammals as, say, human beings. Yet, even if the foregoing bleak scenario is not the case, tremendous damage is still accruing with respect to many different species and ecological systems of Earth as a result of the synergistically negative impact which chemtrails and HAARP are having upon the environment. 
As tragic as the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, and elsewhere are (as if millions of lives lost is not sufficiently nightmarish), those conflicts are but a Machiavellian-constructed smokescreen of political theater that is intended to hide the real destruction which is taking place across the Earth – and the issue of chemtrails is but one manifestation of that agenda -- in a war being waged against all forms of life in order that a very few individuals can realize their pathological dreams concerning money, power, and worldly delights ... irrespective of the costs to: other people, the environment, or the future. In an ancient ritual of governmental and corporate prestidigitation, the attention of the people is being misdirected away from the manipulative character of the sorcerer’s underhanded covert actions in order to create the desired illusion – that everything is under control and being made safe – and it is – but the control being exerted and safety being established (whether by governments or corporations) is entirely dysfunctional -- both currently and into the future ... at least whatever might be left of the latter.
If left to itself, nature does quite well, and this has been so for millions of years. Geo-engineering is the work of hubris and, if the current ecological situation continues to deteriorate under the relentless pressure of such artificial activities, governments and corporations are shameless enough to try to claim – when some of the dire facts noted in the foregoing commentary begin to increasingly infiltrate the awareness of the general public -- that geo-engineering is the Earth’s last, best hope, when, in reality, that diabolical process has been playing a major destructive role for a number of decades ... as such, geo-engineering is a major part of the problem, and not at all the sort of solution that it is being -- and will be  -- sold as by the marketing gurus of government and corporations. Caveat emptor!!!!

If you would like to learn more about the potential downside of geo-engineering, please go to:
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which is a 28-minute interview with Dane Wigington