Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Unscientific America: 9/11, Harris and Chomsky - New Book

This book serves as a concise and incisive introduction into various aspects of the 9/11 issue and does so in a unique fashion. Among other things, it gives expression to an overview of the transformation that took place in the understanding of Peter Michael Ketchum, a former employee of NIST, with respect to the issue of 9/11, and the book also pursues a fairly extensive round of critical reflection in relation to the rather disturbing views of Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky on matters pertaining to 9/11. More specifically, despite the fact that both Dr. Harris and Professor Chomsky are considered -- at least by some people -- to be scientists, nonetheless, rather surprisingly -- if not shockingly -- in the matter of 9/11, neither of the foregoing two gentlemen seems to exhibit the basic qualities one might expect from a scientist -- namely, curiosity, rigor, insight, methodology, attention to detail, concern for the quality of evidence, logical analysis, or the capacity to ask probing questions, but, instead, they appear to be preoccupied with manufactured conspiracies of one kind or another. This book -- Unscientific America: 9/11, Harris, and Chomsky -- will present a substantial amount of evidence to demonstrate that in the matter of 9/11, neither Dr. Harris nor Professor Chomsky appears to know all that much about the actual facts of 9/11. Yet, such a lack of knowledge has not prevented either of those two individuals from making all manner of allegations concerning the events of that tragic day that seem to be unsubstantiated. In the matter of 9/11, both Dr. Harris and Professor Chomsky behave in a way that suggests that they -- each in his own inimitable style -- appear to have become deeply entangled in a process of willful blindness in which they could have known relevant facts concerning 9/11 and should have known those facts but, instead, seem to have taken active steps to ignore such information and, as a result, bear a certain amount of responsibility for the ensuing tragedies that might have been prevented, or lessened to some degree, if Dr. Harris and Professor Chomsky had been less cavalier in their mishandling of the actual evidence of 9/11 and, in the process, appear to have misled millions of other individuals concerning the facts of that occasion.