Friday, June 28, 2013

Ramadan Special - Free Qur'an with Arabic Recitation and English Translation

The holy month of Ramadan is just about ten days away. May Allah make this month easy for all of us to observe and a source of great blessings.

For those who might be interested, a software package has been put together which contains both Arabic recitation and English translation (spoken and written). It is free.

The software package is rather large -- nearly 500 MB -- and, therefore, depending on your Internet connection, the download process could  take a little time. However, I believe the time invested should prove to be, God willing, quite rewarding.

The software package comes with a search function. Although that function is relatively simple, it does permit one to find a lot of important words and terms, as well as their usage contexts, in the Qur'an  (at least in translation ... which might not do full justice to the original, but, does offer, nonetheless, a starting point for reflection and exploration).

You can download the software package through either:

Qur'an - Site 1


Qur'an - Site 2

I hope, God willing, the software package will be of value and engaged with sincerity.

Anab Whitehouse