Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Dinner With Andre

'My Dinner With Andre' (see the 5 minute clip through the link below, written by, and stars, Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn and was directed by Louis Malle) is one of my favorite movies of all time. More than thirty years have passed since that film first began to be distributed (1981), and, yet, despite the fact that the film displayed a brilliant, insightful, witty, sobering, thoughtful, analysis of the problems facing humanity, one hardly hears about the movie anymore or meets anyone who has seen it ... I guess there was not enough sexual, violent, and/or x-rated content to make it memorable. 

The truth of the matter is that the aforementioned film puts to shame all the modern-day pretenders who believe that one must have sex, violence, and x-rated language in a movie in order for it to be considered as capable of offering intelligent reflections upon the nature of reality or of providing a cogent, mesmerizing, viable, artistic point of view. In fact, the film puts to shame much that Hollywood has had to offer in the last three decades as far as distributing the sort of material is concerned which is directed toward helping people to wake up from the nightmare that has been haunting humanity for quite some time. And, yet, we continue to sleep while the clock is ticking toward a midnight bewitching hour when the room of existence will be swept clean of wasted opportunities.

The film approaches an astonishing array of issues from a rather universal perspective ... one which is capable of addressing the vast majority of human beings irrespective of their religious, ideological, or humanistic inclinations. In its own way, the movie is quite spiritual in character.

Some aspects of the film might be a little dated and somewhat whimsical, but, on the whole, the movie encompasses a diverse set of ideas which are still well worth reflecting upon. The following excerpt is only 5 minutes, or so, long. I hope -- if you view it -- you will be motivated to make the effort to find your way to experiencing the rest of the film which, I believe, is just as captivating as this 5 minute excerpt is. 

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