Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dumbing Us Down: The Attempt to Exterminate Critical Thinking

The six functions of education (both public and private) are: (1) Adjusting; (2) Diagnosing; (3) Sorting; (4) Conforming/Unifying (5) Tagging; and (6) Preserving/Perpetuating. These functions are obsessively and compulsively pursued by a set of "overlords and overladies" in order to establish and realize a means of imposing a process of framing and filtering reality upon a population.

The first paragraph is not a conspiracy theory since I am not necessarily contending that a group of people gather together in secret in order to bring about the instituting of such a set of functions. Rather, I am suggesting that there are a group of people who are so enamored with themselves that they each individually, and in their own inimitable style, develop a delusional disorder which whispers to their egos that they have the right to control and rule over the lives of other people, irrespective of what the costs of such control might be to society or the world in general.

The foregoing process of six functions is instituted as a means of: dumbing that population down, controlling them, and perpetuating an arbitrary, and rigged system of: militarization, economics, monetary policy, legal process, politics, together with a system of policing (which is not intended to 'serve and protect' the people, but, rather, the elite). Moreover, the purpose of such a system of dumbing people down is  to ensure that the few (the overlords and overladies of control ... i.e., the aforementioned elites) may benefit materially, financially, and through a progressively enhanced accruing of power (the Anaconda Principle), while the many are educated and trained to serve and worship the likes and dislikes of that elite. The foregoing is true of all religious (including Muslim), communist, socialist, capitalist, democratic, and monarchical nations.

I have gone through the educational offerings of some of the best institutions in the world, both in the United States and Canada. Whatever I have learned that is of value to me either has to do with: (a) coming to understand the nefarious purposes of such institutions, despite their best efforts to induce me to become caught up in their illusory and delusional practices of conceptual/emotional legerdemain, and/or (b) realizing that pretty much everything of substantive worth which I have learned has been accomplished independently of the official channels of educational practice.

Education has become just another psychoactive pharmaceutical that is heavily marketed through the media. The media (for a price and because they believe they have the right to control the dissemination of information which serves their own interests) helps to manufacture an array of fears and aspirations in the general population. This is done so that significant portion of the general populus might become hooked on an expensive snake-oil which people are encouraged to consume for the rest of their lives, despite the many destructive side-effects entailed by that potion (one of which is the dampening down of critical thinking), and despite the fact that those who drink the Kool-Aid will become so financially over-burdened with the cost of purchasing the drug that they can exist only as indentured servants who will be compliant with the agenda of the psychopathic/narcissistic push and manufacturers of that drug who, like the loan sharks they are, hold the papers of debt over the heads of those who were tricked into acquiescing to such a scam ... much like the liar-loans that were foisted on unsuspecting people leading up to the financial meltdown of 2007-2008.

The following 7-plus minute video is an animated commentary by a former New York teacher of the year -- John Gatto -- who has come to realize the nature of the former beast he served and who, as a result, wishes to share with you some of what he has learned about that hydra-like creature.

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