Saturday, March 12, 2005

Experiencing Oneness

Those who have passed into the unitive life
have attained unto a Being transcending all
that can be apprehended by sight or insight
. . . . But the soul remains contemplating
that Supreme Beauty and Holiness and
contemplating itself in the beauty which
it has acquired by attaining to the Divine
Presence, and for such a one, things seen
are blotted out, but not the seeing souls.
But some pass beyond this and they are
the Elect of the Elect, who are consumed
by the glory of His exalted Countenance,
and the greatness of the Divine Majesty
overwhelms them and they are annihilated
and they themselves are no more. They no
longer contemplate themselves, and there
remains only the One, the Real, and the
meaning of His Word: "All things perish
save His Countenance" is known by



Anonymous said...

False humility and vanity!

Raphael said...

What one see in a statement, whatever it is, can often be a reflection of what one 'is'.

I have 'faith' in the fact that Ghazzali attained indeed such a level of spiritual realisation. I can not tell for sure, but it's not the point of my comment anyway.

If one read the writings of a mystic, for exemple, and can not see anything else in it than a demonstration of false humility and vanity, maybe one is judging upon what those words would be if they would be coming from his own mouth.
Personally, I know myself enough to know that I could not say these words without sounding 'false', at least in some way. But I do know that humans may have a potential wich, if attained, 'authorize' them to say these words without engaging their lower self, without blinding themselves with vanity desguised under false humility.

It's fine to see that in a world where new-age religions are gaining more adepts everyday, there are still some people who are somewhat warry of falsehood and illusions created by the false-ego. But there must be a balance somewhere.
Of course one will not see the need for such a balance if he thinks that mystical realisation is an impossibility in itself.

The truth on those things is not a matter of opinions, but if one do not believe it to bo possible, then, one have the right to have such beliefs.
This is a question of faith, but faith can be in accordance with Truth to varying degrees...

and as Anab said it so well :

Authentic faith is a form of seeing which is rooted in experience even as faith points to that which has not been experienced. Authentic faith is a form of interpolation and extrapolation which permits one to correctly connect the dots of experience even though a certain amount of evidence and demonstration may be absent in what one is experiencing or has experienced.