Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Poem


In ignorance, ambition
flew to the highest realm,
stating: “I wish to be Divine.”
Closing, a door creaked with laughter
in a gentle way, then,
politely, yet firmly, I
was sent packing, back to
a lower world, much less sublime.

Still foolish, though just a little
wiser, I offered to
be a Prophet - which, at the
time, seemed quite reasonable
a stand - but, then, I learned ... and this
took a while ... that if I did my
very best - even, then,
my condition would be less
than the stations in which
their lives began and far below
the plane which Destiny had set
for their spirit’s ascent.

Chastened, my goal was recast -
How about the saints, I
inquired? Any openings
there? The answer came through silence.
I began to sense how
vast was the difference
between the friends of God
and the whims of a mystical
fraud - so, humbled, I started to live
in a simple way, with
just a single hope that some
fine day my heart might find
release from the cocoon I had
spun from the fabric of desire.

Peace came to me slowly
after many years of work,
and I forgot about
the vain goals which marked the folly
of a youth filled with emptiness.

Then, one night in the quiet
of my soul, a light appeared
That made things very clear -
if I will try to be my-Self,
I might realize the Divine
Presence in my being
where God and I are as one,
except He remains as
He is, and I will do the same.


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