Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tears of Life

There is surely magic
in our capacity
to articulate thought,
but beyond that country
of words lies an ocean
of tears where unchartered
depths give birth to currents
of great complexity
to which language only
can allude through concept-
heavy crafts that skim the
surface across life's sea
where emotional tides
run heavily in all
directions. Intensely,
we feel disparity
between what can be said
and that which silently
flows through inner paths
that mark boundaries of
We stand before Being
clothed in asymmetry,
like a homeless pauper
in a city of the
powerful and wealthy.
Feeling a dynamic
electricity in
Being's presence, we are
overwhelmed with a sense
of inadequacy,
and tears begin to spill
as theory's levee springs
leaks in efficacy
by which we wall away
painful realities.
Or, beauty rises in
our souls like a harvest
moon that illumines night
fall so brilliantly
we can do nothing but
shed tears of gratitude
for being given leave
to see Divinity
in action through landscapes
of conscious alchemy.
Transcendent realms project
shadows which weave illusions
that form this worldly space,
and, intuitively,
we cry in response to
the mystery which plays
hide and seek with our
lives. A variety
of inclinations form
the sluicegates from which tears
flow – from: anxiety,
to: joyous jubilee;
from: death's finality,
to: creativity.
Tears are indemnity
for the limitations
of language and reason.


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