Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Gift

Earlier, a gift was given to me.
Beautiful, fragile ... but a mystery
Whose nature and purpose I did not see.

Its delicate features gave off a strange light
As if powered deep from within - a bright
Glow that illumined the surrounding night.

Mesmerized by its possibilities,
Awareness parted like ancient Red Seas
As, suddenly, it seemed to question me.

"Do you know who I am or why I'm here?"
Embarrassed, perplexed, and beset by fear,
My soul was in chaos.... I strained to hear.

Yet, nothing was spoken - instead I heard
Thoughts thundering across my heart - like herds
Of unicorns - unique, unreal, absurd.

First, 'faith', 'love' and, then, 'generosity'
Arose within, followed by 'empathy',
'Acceptance', 'openness', and 'simplicity'.

'Forgiveness' appeared, 'humility' too;
'Friendship', 'trust, 'peace' - each second, something new;
'Honesty', 'purity'... the thoughts ran true ...

'Strength', 'nobility', and 'integrity'
Passed by - then, a quiet came that was eerie...
The thoughts had stopped, but I did not feel free.

What value should be assigned to this event?
Did the fleeting visit mark my descent
Into madness, or was something else meant?

Reflections ceased when the gift seemed to speak:
"You don't recall me? Perhaps you're too weak
From that game with yourself called hide-and-seek".

"Or, maybe memory has been dulled by
Years of worldly seduction ... just one lie
After another ... 'til its time to die."

"You have needed my help every day
Of life, but there are others you obey.
So, alas, you have lost touch with my way."

"I am the portal through which you must go
To reach the truth of your being - to know
Who, in essence, you are. I'm not your foe."

"Yet, you resist and ignore my presence.
Those thoughts heard within your heart are my scents...
Reminders from God....I'm your innocence."

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