Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dedicated to those who lost their lives on 9-11

You may, or may not, experience problems with the video below concerning events before, during, and after 9-11 (September 11, 2001) involving the World Trade Center buildings in New York . If you do, please don't get discouraged with the viewing problems that you may encounter when you try to run the documentary which follows these comments. There are a few things which you might try that, with a little time, will permit you to watch the documentary without a lot of interruptions, delays, or stutter-steps.

For best results, I would suggest that a person who is encountering problems of video flow, but who wishes to view the whole documentary without a lot of problems, should pick a time -- perhaps just before one goes to sleep or just before one goes to work or while one is going to be engaged elsewhere for 3-4 hours (it might be less, depending on circumstances) -- and let the video run (with sound turned off or down) -- that is, turn it on and let it haltingly work its way through the problems over a period of time. Once the documentary has run through to the end, the whole thing should be completely buffered, and, consequently, you, hopefully, will be able to watch it without all the painful buffering delays and problems that may interrupt the program the first time through -- however, if you use the foregoing method, be sure not to go away from this Web Page, otherwise the buffering cache will be lost, and you may have to start all over again.

If you don't want to wait to view the following 9-11 video, I have found that when one begins to encounter video turbulence such that the picture flow or accompanying voice is disrupted, if one toggles the video indicator (i.e, moves the indicator slightly backward toward the left -- the indicator which displays the amount of time that has elapsed on the video), then, one often can get through some of the places where the buffering seems to slow down and create stuttered images and voice overs. But, if this doesn't work, then, you may have to wait for the video to skip-step through its material until it has finished (there is a WARNING frame which is the last image of the 9-11 video), and, then, just click the PLAY button and it should start over and, God willing, for the most part provide a smooth run through the material, but don't forget the "toggle suggestion" noted above. You may have to watch and listen to a small amount of repeating, but this method often does get one to the end of the 9-11 video.

The documentary is very good and very important. In one way, or another, as many people as possible should view this documentary and, then, make up their own minds about the issues ... or conduct their own further research and engage in additional reflection or dialogue with others. There are far too many unanswered questions -- or questions answered very poorly or implausibly -- to let things stand as they are with the "official" version of 9-11.

The 9-11 Commission did not ask the right questions, and it did not pursue the issues according to the evidence, and its members glossed over far too many problems and far too much evidence for anyone who is an independent, third party to be able to consider the Commission's work professional, reliable, or definitive. Moreover, unfortunately, many of the members of the Commission, both Democrats and Republicans, had associations, ties, histories, and interests which ought to have precluded them from being members of such a commission ... especially, if one wanted to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and avoid any questions concerning the integrity of the conclusions and findings of such a commission.

As has been the case on many occasions, official commissions are often not meant to arrive at the truth but are, instead, a political tool used to give the impression of seriousness without much underlying substance. Such commissions are often exercises in misdirection away from root problems and causes so that vested interests will remain protected despite an illusory veneer of critical investigation and thoroughness.

There were a lot of innocent people who died on 9-11. The ones who died left behind families, friends, and colleagues.

Surely, both the ones who passed away as well as the ones who were left behind on 9-11 deserve a few hours of the time that may be necessary to work through the problems associated with the video to get it running properly and the time needed to watch the program over its hour and twenty-one minute running time. I do not believe those people have been served with justice or integrity, and there are thousands of others -- both Americans and non-Americans -- who continue to die due to the miscarriage of justice which transpired both before and after the events of 9-11.

I do not think that it is an overstatement to say that the viability of democracy may very well be at stake if steps are not taken to redress the wrongs which have been done to the American people and to people in other lands due to the events of 9-11. This is all far from over.

Please, take whatever time is necessary to prepare the video for ease of watching. The issues are too important to just ignore.

It is not only the fate of democracy that lies in the balance. The fate of you, your family, your friends, and innocents in many other parts of the world also lie in the balance as well.

If you wish to read further on these matters, then, there are a number of books which I have read all of which not only corroborate the material covered by the following 9-11 video, but, as well, these books critically analyze many more issues surrounding the events of 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq and more. Even if one wishes to adopt a skeptical stance concerning the information in the following 9-11 video (or the following books), there are a vast array of crucial questions which are left that still require answers -- too many questions of substantial, abiding importance to just let go.

Crossing the Rubicon - Michael C. Ruppert, New Society Publishers
The New Pearl Harbor - David Ray Griffin, Olive Branch Press
The War On Freedom - Nafeez Mosaddaeq Ahmed, Tree of Life Publications
The War on Truth - Nafeez Mosaddaeq Ahmed, Olive Branch Press

In addition to the foregoing, you may want to visit the following web sites:


From The Wilderness

911 Truth

Global Outlook - The Magazine of 9-11 Truth Movement

9-11 Research


9-11 Citizen's Watch

Dylan Avery wrote and directed the following video about the events of 9-11. For those who are interested, a DVD of this video can be purchased at:


Show it to your family, neighbors, friends, schools, PTA, political leaders, media representatives, churches, synagoges, mosques, temples, and local community organizations.

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