Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Evolution on Trial has arrived and is ready for shipping

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upsilquitch said...

How can I rise from my my mat, wash myself, complete the morning obligations, dress for the office, and make the effort ... day by day ... to contribute to the sustenance of those who are killing my sisters and brothers. My country has gone to war against my country ...

A stranger in a strange land.

But alas, He has brought me to an old friend, perhaps a new friend ... whatever the adjective I apply to you, Sh Anab, the operable word is "friend" .. I know that...

Mansour al Hallaj, the "carder of hearts", awoke; he was awakened by Him - and he said to the One: "Who are You", and the One replied: "I am you, but for you".

He is Home, I am but the stranger.
He is the One, I am but the other.
May he remove me from the willfulness of my own way.
When I can no longer speak,
He will be the speaker.
Until that day, I am but an interloper stumbling along the path to my own heart.

I remember the day you parted the shores of Lake Ontario. First Ottawa, then Toronto. Now I find you back in my home country. How odd, as I spent many days on the Chiputneticook Lakes, a Canadian who went to school in Pittsfield.

kevin said...

sallam alaykum,

I shall have to get a copy, as I was not able to finish reading it :)


Anab said...


I was waiting for you to finish your blog commentary on the evolution material before saying anything. I refrained from posting because I didn't want to influence your meditations ... but there were some interesting things which were said. I applaud your willingness to undertake an examination of the evolution material because the going is not easy ... in fact, it is quite technical even when pretty much everything needed to understand the matter is provided within 'Evolution on Trial'.