Friday, May 12, 2006

Sufi Reflections Podcast 6

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Download: SufiReflections6


Anonymous said...

My very dear brother Anab Whithouse,

I'd like to express my heartiest thanks to you for your beautiful and blessed endeavor in the "Sufi Reflections Podcast". It is unique in its style and noble in the content, very appealing indeed. It was actually so beatific and soul-nourishing that I could'nt wait to download previous podcasts (and of course eagerly wait for the upcoming ones) too. But to my dismay, I failed, maybe I don't know how to download them from your weblog!! or else?? I will be very grateful to get some help in this.

Power and blessing to your qlab, qawl, and compassion!
Please carry on the Caravan!

Looking forward to sipping your next goblet of Divine Wine!


Anab said...

Dear Safa,

Thank you for the very kind and generous comments. God willing, I hope you will continue to find future podcasts of interest and benefit.

I'm not sure which log you are trying to use in an attempt to access past programs from Sufi Reflections, but you might try either of the following possibilities.

(1) go to:

which, hopefully, will take you to a page at Podzinger that will permit you to either listen to any of the past podcasts or will permit you to download them if that is your wish.

If the foregoing link doesn't work as a click-on, then, just copy and paste it into your url space at the top of your browser.

(2) If neither of the foregoing options work, then, just go to and do a search for Sufi Reflections in the site search engine, and this should also take you to the foregoing page.

If neither of the foregoing options have a felicitous outcome, then, although the earlier podcasts are still available for downloading from the web site, they don't always follow the same naming format as far as the mp3 file is concerned, so, I would have to provide that to you separately. Thus, if the foregoing two options don't work, then let me know, and, insha' Allah, I will supply the necessary url designations for you.


Bilquees said...

Dear Safa,

If Anab's suggestion doesn't help, try going to this link:

All of the previous Sufi Reflections podcasts are available there.

Peace and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Salam dear anab,

Thank you so very much for the help. The first link led me right to the fountain, and I downloaded the 5th program. One goblet at a time Insha 'Allah!

Many thanks to Bilqees too, just the same. That IS the real Sufi way. Thanks God Such nice people are around!!

Love and friendship