Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sufi Reflections Podcast 8

This edition of the Sufi Reflections Podcast includes: Music, poetry, a story entitled Original Intent, and a commentary (Part 1 of 4) about terrorism, and more. To download this podcast, please click here . Posted by Picasa


ismail radpour said...

Salaam, your weblog and subjects of it is worthful for me realy. I want to read all of the your posts soon.

Ya haqq

Hakim Abdullah said...


I would like to know why there is such emphasis on the "Sufi" path for some particularly with Westerners. Shouldn't the emphasis of da'wah be on the Qur'an and Sunnah for all who call themselves Muslims.

My "opinion" is that Westerners adopt this "Sufi" label and ideal more easily because it makes it easier to resist as-sunnah.

Traditionally, Sufi's were well and superiorly acquainted with Al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah; they were commonly Sheikhs. And not the other way around... today I have met many people who say I'm a sufi... yet they know nothing of the Qur'an and some who are seemingly not Muslim.

This is strange! It is possible that my knowledge is limited and this is the reason for my conclusion. But until error is realized or identified this is my conclusion.

Could someone please respond to this comment if you are knowledgable on the subject.


kevin said...

asallam alaykum,

wonderful stories, and podcast.

If I may be so bold, Al Hakim Ibn Abduallah, I find the opposite of what you say to be equally as true, many adopt the term "muslim" ~ without any hint of what surrender is.

How can I say I know "I've surrendered", when I don't even know myself? Allah is the One Who Knows if you have surrendered or not, you should ask Him if you are a muslim or a sufi.