Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Haqiqah is the Reality of all realities. Haqiqah is the Truth behind all truths.Haqiqah is not a substance, thing, object, entity, material, field, force or energy. Yet, Haqiqah is "woven" into the fabric of each of these.

Haqiqah does not occupy time or space, Rather, time and space exist by virtue of Haqiqah.

Haqiqah is neither a quantity nor a quality, While all quantities and qualities, receive their properties through Haqiqah.Haqiqah is not a function of ideas, concepts, thoughts, understandings, interpretations, or theories. However. all of these presuppose, and make allusions to, Haqiqah, each in its own way.

Haqiqah is not religion, philosophy, science, or mythology. On the other hand, Haqiqah is sought by, and is the raison d'etre of, all of these activities.Haqiqah can neither be described nor explained. Nonetheless, descriptions and explanations, whether correct or incorrect, cannot exist except through Haqiqah.The eyes, mind, imagination, heart and spirit all see Haqiqah according to their capacity to do so. But, Haqiqah transcends what is seen.

Consciousness, being, will, light, hearing, and speech all exist because of the presence of Haqiqah. Nevertheless, all of these bear witness to the absence of Haqiqah, each in its own way.Every chord, song, melody, rhythm, counterpoint, harmony, chant, hymn, tune, aria and symphony is an echo of Haqiqah. Every drawing, painting, sketch, tracing, etching, spattering, composition, impression, collage and picture is an attempt, on one level or another, to capture Haqiqah.

Information, knowledge, understanding, insight, inspiration, gnosis, and revelation simultaneously disclose and conceal Haqiqah, each according to its nature. Everything reflects Haqiqah in terms of its capacity to do so, but Haqiqah is independent of all capacities.Genius praises the intelligence of Haqiqah but cannot fathom the depths of wisdom. Talent soars on the wings provided by Haqiqah but cannot comprehend what makes flight possible.Purpose and meaning have value only to the extent they give expression to the mystery which Haqiqah has placed within us. Significance derives its importance from what Haqiqah loans to it.

Haqiqah underwrites our being, but we remain heedless of the presence of Haqiqah. Our vision is made possible by Haqiqah, but most of us continue to be blind to the source of the light through which the visible becomes manifest.We should will ourselves to seek Haqiqah. Yet, we suffer from complete paralysis without the restorative assistance of Haqiqah.

Haqiqah enables us to act. However, most of us act as if we were independent of Haqiqah.

We are able to speak due to Haqiqah. Unfortunately, most of us often use this gift to speak out against and distort Haqiqah.

We hear because of the mercy extended to us through Haqiqah. Nonetheless, many of us remain deaf to the call of Haqiqah.

We swim in an ocean of Haqiqah. Somehow, most of us manage to stay dry.

Haqiqah comes with every breath we take. But, many of us inhale the oxygen and reject Haqiqah. Every second our hearts beat to the rhythm of Haqiqah. Nevertheless, most of us do not understand the significance of the sound.Our consciousness is aware of itself, and we think this is quite amazing. However, most of us are unaware of Haqiqah, and, as a result, we trivialize the potential of consciousness.

Haqiqah bears witness to everything we do. Yet, many of us are not interested in reciprocating.

Haqiqah seeks us out of love, knowledge and generosity. Many of us seek to run away due to narcissism, ignorance and selfishness.

Haqiqah always treats us with justice. Many of us are intent on treating Haqiqah with injustice.

Haqiqah calls on us to forget falsehood and remember reality. Many of us call on ourselves to forget reality and remember falsehood.

Haqiqah gives expression to tidings of both hope and danger through prophets, saints and spiritual guides. Many of us ridicule both kinds of message.

When we deny Haqiqah, we deny our true selves. When we ignore Haqiqah, we ignore our essential spiritual capacities.Some people say the culmination of mysticism involves union with God. However, one cannot attain what already is the case.

According to Sufi masters, one of the primary goals of the mystical path is the following: If God wishes, we should aspire to have the ignorance and darkness dispelled which prevent us from experiencing and reflecting the presence of Haqiqah in our lives and being. Consequently, one of the fundamental accomplishments of the mystical path is to realize, as fully as God gives us the capacity to do so, that, in essence, we are nothing but a manifestation of Haqiqah.

In order for this to occur, what needs to disappear is, if God wishes, the illusion that other than this could be true.

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