Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Islamic Revivalism, Shari'ah and the Sufi Path

There is a new video from a talk given at the Sufi Circle, Long Island, New York, in August 2006 on the spiritual-health.org website. To view the video, click on the following link: View Video


safa said...

My mind and pen are merely short of the right words to express my true sense of gratitude and admiration to you dear brother-on-the-path Anab when I am listening to your sincere voice by way of your podcasts, and of course this well-structured and accurately delineated nutshell of Revivalism and Shari'a in light of the sufi frame of reference....

However, please accept my heartfelt and warmest salaams down from Khurasan, the land of love and compassion and the resting place of great sufi souls. May our Beloved Allah ever keep nourishing your heart and soul from the joyful Light of His Vision of Love and Jamaal.


Anab Whitehouse said...

Dear Safa,

Knowing that there is, at least, one person like you who is appreciative of what Allah permits and enables to be done through the podcasts and websites is of great value to me.

And, although I have many short-comings, I continue to struggle to be some sort of mirror which shows, however imperfectly, that which is shone upon me, and, therefore, I wish to reflect back to you the heartfelt and warmest salaams that you have cast in my direction.

I do know that whatever has worth in the various virtual portal outlets being run through me is because of Allah's nourishment. When the latter stops, so will the former.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in these troubling times.


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