Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bilquees Press and Have A New Look

I have been intending to revamp the web site for years but never had the time to do anything but make a few alterations here and there. However, a block of three weeks of relatively empty time sort of fell into my laptop, and I decided that it was 'now or never' to 'seize the 'day', so to speak and do a much needed extreme make-over of the web site.

The upgrade involved more than just the surface appearance of the web site. It also encompassed things such as re-sizing pictures for faster downloding into web browsers, as well as things such as re-writing the contents and keyword sections of the HTML coding so that the pages might be more search engine friendly and lead to possibly higher ratings.

In addition, I wanted to become more resonant with the spirit of Web 2.0 and include more multi-media intensive projects. This has been accomplished to a degree through the web site's audio library which contains appoximately 66 hours of streaming and downloadable audio, some video material, 'floetry in mystical motion,' and plans for additoinal projects along these lines such as a new in-house blog, as well as dowloadable videos, audios, multi-media e-book programs, and a 'live' contact feature that all are being planned for some time a little later this year.

Finally, there is still quite a lot of good reading material present in the new make-over edition of the web site. So, I hope you will drop by and take a tour through the 'open-house' welcoming which is going on at the web site.


(The foregoing is not an April Fools Ruse.)

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