Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Downloadable Qur'an With Audio

Unless you own a Mac that runs Parallels, Fusion, or Bootcamp software which permits a Mac to run Windows programs, then the following offer is directed primarily to PC users. The packages to be downloaded both carry an .exe extension.

Go to: BillWhitehouse.Com, and scroll down to the menu on the lower right portion of the page. The link you want is: 'Free Qur'an' toward the bottom of the first column of links.

The downloadable software is virus free, but one of the two packages is fairly hefty in size and, depending on your internet speed, could take more than hour to download. If your internet connection is through a phone line, then the download could take quite a bit longer, and, therefore, you might consider doing the download over night.

Package 1 contains Surahs 1 through 49. Package 2 contains Surahs 50 through 114. Although the second package is much smaller than the first package, it still will take a little time to download ... again, depending on the speed of your internet connection, maybe 10 to 20 minutes.

Each package contains English text of the Qur'an. Moreover, each package contains an accompanying audio portion that includes both Arabic recitation and an English translation of the recitation.

The written, English translation in the downloads is somewhat different from the spoken English translation. This was done intentionally to remind one that a translation is not the original Arabic but is based on the original, and, as a result, sometimes the way in which Arabic words are rendered into English may reflect only minor differences, and sometimes such alternative renderings give expression to more substantial differences.

I tried a number of things to get the Qur'an with audio and written text into one software package. However, no matter what I tried, the software which I use to make e-books tended to spin its wheels after a certain point in the conversion process. There may, yet, be a way to get everything into one volume, but, for now, I believe the challenge exceeds the capacity of my e-book generating software, and, therefore, I made a strategic retreat and went with two volumes.

Software package 1 contains Surahs 1 through 49. Software package 2 contains Surahs 50 through 114.

The search function for the software is not all that great and is restricted to the web page on which you are. I had hoped to be able to do something in connection with the downloadable software package that was similar to the fairly good search function that is associated with the Qur'an that is on the Sufi-Mysticism.Org Web Site. However, here too, my efforts were withouh success ... although I continue to look for ways to improve upon things with respect to the search function issue.

My suggestion is to download package 2 first. The link for this download is located to the right and, then, up toward the top of the column.

Once the software e-book (with audio) is downloaded, you can try it out and see if you like it. If you do, then you can think about finding the right time to download the much larger package 1.

Remember to right click on the links in order to be able to save the related software to your computer Also remember where you store the download ... or, maybe, when prompted to do so, just indicate in the dialogue box for the download that the software e-book should be sent to your desktop.

If you have any problems with the software -- such as links not working -- please let me know. I will do my best to fix the problem as quickly as I can and upload a new version of the problematic software.

Moreover, don't forget that the on-line version of the Qur'an -- the one found on the BillWhitehouse.Com web site [the link is called 'Qur'an' and is found on the home page in the second column on the lower right portion of the page] -- does contain a fairly good search function which can be found on the main menu page for the Qur'an (just above the menu-table), and this search function will not only search the Qur'an for the English word you are seeking [it is better to use single words than phrases, since it is more unlikely that the search will find a match to your particular phrase], but, as well, the search results page will provide a context for the word you are seeking and a list of all the passages in which your word can be found.


Faisal Sheikh said...

Bless You and Queen Bilquees for all your endeavors!Ma-sha-allah! Just what the doctor ordered! BTW my Mom and Dad made a secret pilgrimage to Konya last week...They had left me with the impression that they were just going to Bodrum...Obviously Mevlana had other plans! salaam

Anab Whitehouse said...

Wa 'alaykum as-Salaam Faisal,

Let us hope, God willing, that some people take advantage of the offer.

I remember my visit to Konya ... it was back in 1975. I had the great good fortune to be there with my shaykh.

At that time, the shrine was closed to the public. However, the people who were our hosts (we were the guests of the government) opened up the shrine and let us pay our respects which, among other things, involved saying fatiha for Hazrat Rumi.


Faisal Sheikh said...


Just read your blue introduction regarding Sufism in:

...and I felt an uncomfortable yet liberating sense / feel that I have merely scratched the surface of the path even though I celebrate 20 years on the path this fall...Do I aspire / intend for the beautiful lake (SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES) or the terrifyingly deep ocean (TRUTH)?

May Allah guide us all TO THE STRAIGHT PATH...Ameen. Suma Ameen. Faisal

ps - Good to read that you were able to make Fatiha at Mevlana's Maqaam....Indeed a spiritual hospital for the broken-hearted based on my personal experience...

Anab Whitehouse said...

Dear Faisal,

Wa 'alaykum as-Salaam!

Hazrat Shabistari (may Allah be pleased with him) once wrote:

Dream not of lights,
of marvels or miracles.
For your miracles are contained
in worshiping the Truth;
All else is pride, conceit,
And illusion of existence.

The foregoing resonates with
Hazrat Ra'bia (may Allah be pleased with her) saying that
one's existence (that is, awareness of oneself as
something independent of, or apart from God) 'is a sin with which none other can compare'.

Sometimes, spiritual experiences can feed such a sin because they take us away from the Truth. Sobriety, on the other hand, is bowing down, with understanding, to the presence of Truth ... including the identity of the One doing sajda.

A friend of my shaykh -- the person who taught my shaykh Persian when the latter was younger -- once said words to the effect that spiritually speaking, we are all like infants at the Ocean's edge who spend our time playing with colored, sparkling stones while the immensity of the
Ocean is near at hand ... untouched.

Shabistari's poem, my shaykh's friend's words, and your comment also resonate with the saying of
Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (may Allah be pleased with him) that realization of our inability to know Divinity is itself a kind of wisdom.

I also remember my shaykh saying that there are some awliya of Allah who have never had one spiritual experience and that the rich spiritual condition of these individuals is hidden from people -- including the person himself or herself. Spiritual experiences may serve as way stations along the path -- when they are properly understood -- but the purpose of the path -- indeed, the nature of shari'ah itself -- is to realize the Truth as it is manifested through the locus of essential being known as fitra.


marysummer said...

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