Friday, October 14, 2011

A new book from Bilquees Press: Science, Spirituality and Symmetry by Bill Whitehouse

The premises at the heart of this 100 page extended essay are the following: (1) the principles that constitute the methodological processes of science and spirituality/mysticism closely mirror one another; (2) in addition, both sets of methodological processes entail the property of symmetry -- which, reduced to its essential nature, involves the preservation of invariant properties (that, hopefully, reflect some aspect of truth) across the set of transformations that give expression to the respective methodologies of science and spirituality. In the process of developing the foregoing two premises, this book also takes the reader through an overview of a number of the unsolved mysteries of modern science, together with a biographical synopsis of some of the life events that led the author along the path toward formulating the ideas which make up the essence of this work.

This book is now available in the Amazon Kindle store:

This ebook is also available at Barnes and Noble and will soon be available in the iBookstore and Kobo Books.

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