Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Book: The Unfinished Revolution by Bill Whitehouse

I have decided to release -- for free -- my book: The Unfinished Revolution: The Battle for America's Soul. The book is 659 pages long, and I believe that it gives expression to an extremely important critical exploration concerning topics such as: sovereignty, democracy, rights, liberty, duties of care, rule of law, constitutions, economics, money, and much more -- but from a very different perspective than the ones that usually shape such discussions. 

There are no gimmicks or strings attached to the offer. I am not looking for followers or votes, and I do not aspire to be a leader. Moreover, I will not ask for your e-mail in order to approach you later on via a backdoor sales technique.

In fact, my motto is: 'Neither control, nor be controlled'. However, this motto (when spelled out in some detail as is done in the aforementioned book) does not reduce down to a libertarian philosophy and is far more nuanced in relation to a variety of issues than most libertarian positions tend to be ... for example, I reject libertarian ideas concerning 'free markets,' since the latter idea is little more than an ideological, authoritarian myth -- if not delusion -- rooted in both untenable logic and questionable assumptions. 

The Unfinished Revolution comes in the form of an .exe software package (11-plus megabytes in size), and, therefore, unless you have Parallels or Fusion, or the like, on your Mac, the program only works with a PC. The links for the free download are: 

The Unfinished Revolution: The Battle For America's Soul -- Site 1 

(Due to an inadvertent mistake on my part, the foregoing link had been sending people to the wrong page. The error has now been corrected)


The book is intended as a gift. I hope that people will read the book and, possibly, benefit from its contents. 

However, one doesn't have to agree with what is said in that work in order for those words to have constructive, heuristic value. For example, if the contents of the aforementioned book help a person to enhance his or her own understanding of the issue of sovereignty by inducing a person to go through a process of rigorous, critical reflection concerning a variety of issues, then, the book will have served its purpose.

After reading The Unfinished Revolution, you might never think about the issues such as: democracy, rights, liberty, and so on in the same way. This might be a very good thing indeed since democracy in America seems to be going no place -- if not worse -- very rapidly these days.

If you like what you read in The Unfinished Revolution, please let others know about the free offer. I hope that you will pay this gift forward in whatever way you feel to be appropriate.

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