Monday, March 11, 2013

Banking, Control, and The Generation of Servitude

The essence of banks is captured in the one minute, 43 second accompanying video. Banks are not in the business of helping people (or, at least, this is, at best, incidental to the real purpose of banking), but, rather, they are in the business of inducing people to go into debt. When people are in debt, they are controlled by those who hold the promissory notes, and one sees this control becoming more and more manifest via the whole educational loan scam which is turning an ever-increasing number of people into indentured servants for an oppressive economic, military, and political system in exchange for degrees and a form of education that promise freedom but only deliver indebtedness.

That debt is the means through which more money is conjured into existence through a fractional reserve system which permits banks to leverage what they are, by law, required to keep as collateral against outstanding loans (beginning at a ratio of about 10 to 1 but with an upwardly mobile capacity into a leverage rate of 1000s, if not millions, to 1). Then, the money generated through leveraging is dumped into, among other places, the derivatives market where the excess cash is leveraged even further to an extent that is many times more than the collective GNPs of the national economies of the world.

The financial mess of 2007-2008 was not solved by the bailouts. In fact, those bailouts merely camouflaged the nature of the underlying debt crisis. Bill Black, a former bank regulator during the savings and loan scandal back in the 1980s, was, and is, right when he titled his best-selling book: 'The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is To Own One'. By owning, and, then, using the bank to control the economic milieu through which people live their lives, democracy becomes a joke because the ones who are really calling the shots in relation to both domestic and international public policy are the banks.

As Mayer Amshed Rothchild, a prominent European banker of the 18th century, once said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws". The banks do issue and control the money, and they are the power behind the thrones that generate the wars, drug trafficking, economic exploitation, and governmental dysfunction around the world ... to suppose otherwise is mere illusion, if not delusional.

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