Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Bell Is Tolling For the Death of Sovereignty

The coils of the Anaconda-like Leviathan tighten ever more inexorably about the oxygen-starved sovereignty of the American people. The sounds one hears from the streets of the United States are the bones of: rights, social justice, liberty, and democracy that are being crushed beneath the grip and power of such unpatriotic legislation as: the National Defense Authorization Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Patriot Act, and a slew of Executive Orders that have been issued under both Bush and Obama.

This governmental ordinance (in both senses of the word) have been set in place waiting for the right moment to be applied in order to finish America as a democracy. If that time arrives,  America will be turned into a full-fledged oppressive dictatorship in which any and all dissent will be shut away in some government-run hell-hole where the inmates have no due process, no rights, no freedom, and no democracy.

The austerity programs which have been instituted in Europe have not only led to social misery and demonstrations (and, on occasion, riots) but, as well, they have led to an ever lowering rate of employment, along with a downward pressure on wages and benefits. Those austerity programs are increasingly emerging on both the state and federal level within the United States -- e.g., witness what is taking place in states like California, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as in relation to the on-going sequestration process in the federal government (and this is just the beginning since there is a strong likelihood that more such cuts are on the way as Obama and Congress maneuver America into a economic, fiscal, and political straight-jacket). As a result, we are likely to see that what has, and is, happening in Europe will be called on to give a command, encore performance in America as well.

On the surface, legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act might seem to be directed solely at the so-called alien "terrorists" who supposedly hate America's freedoms. However, in truth, that legislation, along with all the other correlative acts of oppression which have been passed by self-absorbed legislators, have another strategic and tactical operational use.

More specifically, if Americans wake up to the reality of how democracy is being dismantled in America, piece by piece - the operative word here is 'if' since there is a very good chance that Americans will sleep their way into a nightmare -- and, consequently, citizens begin to persistently and demonstratively demand that their allegedly Constitutionally guaranteed rights be honored rather than continually being stripped from them, such people will be labeled as "terrorists" and, and in short order, will be disappeared into tyrannical, governmental/military black holes that will erase their existence through a complete absence of any rights whatsoever. When this happens -- and I believe there is a strong potential for this to occur in the not too distant future (although these things are hard to predict with any degree of precision, and one could always hope that Americans will awake in time to do something constructive) -- Americans will come to understand that, all along, they have been the intended targets of the aforementioned legislation, and that the 'war on terror' has merely been a false-flag operation which served as camouflage for the real intentions underlying such legislation.

If you don't think this can happen in America, ask the 110,000 law-abiding and loyal American citizens of Japanese descent who were thrown into detention camps, stripped of all rights, during World War II. What is worse, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all of the supporting Executive Orders which have been issued over the last 13 years are like World War II directives on super-steroids.

The bell is tolling ... and it is tolling for thee.

The 6 minute interview withChris Hedges which accompanies this posting covers a lot of important information concerning the foregoing perspective, and does it very well.


MB Moshe said...

I enjoyed reading your atricle. I agree in part, as it echoes the words of Edmund Burke. Although our current president I belive is truely looking out for the benefit of everyone. His predessessor was not. This conflict of interest has much to do with the current situation. As for the 10,000 Japanese, we all know why they were thrown in camps. It was wrong, but it should not be seen as a template for what would ever happen to natural born Americans that did not come from a race of people that attacked us. We matured since Pearl Harbor. Were Muslims put in camps after 9/11?

Anab Whitehouse said...

Dear MB,

I wish I could share your optimism concerning the current President. If one looks at his actions rather than his words, I believe there is a lot about which to be disturbed -- for example, the continuation of: the Patriot Act, the Military Commission Act, and The National Defense Authorization Act (complete with provisions to detain, indefinitely, American citizens without due process). One also might keep in mind: the Fast and Furious fiasco in relation to running arms into Mexico; the stepping up of the drone program in violation of international law (George Bush restricted himself to unlawfully surveilling people without due process, whereas Obama has stepped things up to the point of becoming prosecutor, judge, and jury with respect to those he surveils.). In addition, there is also the broaden program of surveillance involving American citizens (to the tune of about 1.6 billion transactions per day across e-mails, cell phones, and social media), along with a failure to close Guantanamo as promised, as well as a failure to improve on transparency as promised (there are more documents being classified under Obama than almost any other president), plus the continuation of the war in Afghanistan, together with on-going programs of torture and "enhanced interrogation techniques" in black sites within Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. Finally, military spending under Obama is transpiring at a rate greater than any other president - now over the trillion dollar mark -- with many indications that said military will be used against the people of the United States should push come to shove.

As far as Muslims being rounded up after 9/11 is concerned, there were, in fact, several thousand Muslims in the United States who were detained and held without rights for quite some time -- courtesy of the newly minted Patriot Act. The crime which those individuals committed was being Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, my primary concern is not just with American Muslims ... it is with the entirety of the American citizenry. As pointed out in the article and the accompanying video, the governmental machinery is now in place -- via: the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the National Defense Act, the Homeland Security Act, and numerous Executive Orders -- for a very much more oppressive government to come into existence very quickly should the public begin to actively protest in relation to worsening economic conditions (only the stock market seems to be improving and this is a false indicator to the economic health of the average person in America ) or the manner in which the federal government has eviscerated the US Constitution despite the current President supposedly being a Constitutional scholar ... and I don't see a whole lot of evidence for such a status when one considers what he is doing.