Monday, July 15, 2013

Inducing The Public To Conspire Concerning the Word: 'Conspiracy'

The following 11-plus minute clip is from a Scott Noble documentary produced through Metanoia Films. It gives expression to some reflections on how the general public is manipulated into adopting the perspective of the media, government, corporations, and the military with respect to framing an array of economic, political, scientific, international, environmental, and educational issues in very self-serving ways in order to denigrate and discredit anyone who is asking questions that the media, corporations, government, and/or the military don't want to be asked. 

This practice is a form of abuse and an exercise in the tactics of undue influence that is intended to induce people to conspire with the perpetrators of the abuse concerning the word "conspiracy". It is a form of epistemological martial arts in which the conceptual and emotional interests of a person are used against that individual in order to serve the agenda of the one -- or ones -- who is (are) applying the form of epistemological martial arts against individuals who do not realize they are being manipulated and abused.
Not all conspiracies are theories. In fact, four or five times a week, every week of the year, both federal and state personnel (including the courts, the FBI, NSA, the CIA, the military, and government officials) are busily engaged in investigating and successfully prosecuting cases of conspiracy.

However, when people outside the corridors of power begin to question the activities of government, the military, corporations, and/or the media, then the individuals who are asking the questions are labeled as 'conspiracy nuts and theorists. Moreover, the public is encouraged to treat with contempt those who are raising embarrassing questions concerning the activities and policies of the government, the media, the military, and corporations. In addition, and, perhaps, more importantly, the public is encouraged to automatically dismiss what the individuals being vilified are asking and saying without bothering to take the time to critically think about the matter. 

The individuals who engage in such exercises of undue influence and abuse are not your friends. Indeed, they are seeking to conspire with you to induce you to believe things that will only cause you and those you love, harm and difficulty.

The Politics of Conspiracy Theory from S DN on Vimeo.

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