Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mini Library E-book Packages From Anab (Bill) Whitehouse

By the Grace of Allah, over the last 8-10 years I have managed to write thirty books and 39 poems. Recently, those efforts were assembled into a number of packages that have been fashioned into mini-libraries concerning various topics.

These 'libraries' are software packages that contain anywhere from 10 to 30 virtual books in different combinations and at prices that are more than reasonable (for example, $29.00 buys all my writings -- both fiction and non-fiction -- which total more than 12,000 pages). One of the packages consists of 15 books that focus on the Sufi path (A Sufi Perspective). A second set of 17 books (Forms of Abuse) explores the issue of abuse from a number of different perspectives (educational, historical, constitutional, economic, spiritual, scientific, philosophical, psychological,  political). A third package, which encompasses a set of ten books (The Patriot's Library ... also known as The Sovereignty In Crisis Library), critically examines the topic of sovereingnty -- both from an Islamic perspective as well as in terms of Western approaches to the issue of democracy.  A fourth package contains 39 selections of 'Floetry' (poetry accompanied by music), totaling about two hours.

Finally, the Applying Islam Library package encompasses all of my writing to date and, therefore, consists of 30 books and 39 poems. This is the $29.00 special alluded to toward the beginning of the previous paragraph.

Those 30 books, along with the Floetry selections, give expression to a point of view that is thoroughly rooted in Islam. However, the style, content and manner through which I write about an array of issues (ranging from: shari'ah, to: 9/11, democracy, education, psychology, philosophy, and much more) are often quite different than the way in which many other people might choose to write or speak from an Islamic perspective. Nonetheless, while the vocabulary and terms used in my writing might, to a certain degree, be different from the norm when it comes to writing from an Islamic perspective, the 30 books and 39 poems all give expression to the application of Islamic principles, values, and ideas to a multiplicity of issues that are of importance to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

There is a certain amount of overlapping material in relation to the foregoing packages of books. Consequently, if one is interested in acquiring one, or another, mini-library, one needs to compare and contrast the itemized contents of the packages to discover the one in which one might be most  interested.

One can link to the further information about the aforementioned packages in several ways. (1) You can either use the links which are found beneath the heading Anab's Special Deals which appears just below the 'Facebook'  logo that is near the top-right portion of the Sufi Amanesis blog page, or (2) one can use the following general link -- namely, Special Deals -- which serves as a portal page that contains links that take you to the same destinations as do the links alluded to in (1) above.

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